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1966 Mustang GT-350H Hertz Model

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A little history on the "Hertz" car...

A Story by Ric Heath

It's a topic I never get tired of relating, anyway........  In 1966 Shelby American built a little less that 2400 Shelby Mustangs, 1000 of those were special edition cars for Hertz Rental Cars.  Of those 1000 GT-350H designated cars just 85 were equipped with the 4 speed trans the remaining 915 were all automatics.  Mine is a documented 4 speed car.  It was rented at Sky Harbor and was the only 4 speed car in the Phoenix inventory.  The only other Arizona location to rent Hertz cars that year was Tucson Int'l airport.  

The car has lived its' entire life in the Phoenix metro area and was an SCCA B/sedan race car for a few years.  I have learned many interesting things about the car over the years and I still find out things from time to time.  

Things like; it is almost certain that two rather famous people had driven my car when it was a rental;  Those being Dan Gurney and Mario Andretti.  I can tell you more about that at another time.  

I purchased the car from a friend of mine in March of 1986 and proceeded to bring in home in 4 loads.  The car was completely disassembled when I bought it and had only been painted, not even striped yet.  It took me a year of working to restore the car completely both cosmetically and mechanically.  

I began driving and showing it in November of '87 and I haven't stopped driving it since.  It has proven to be a crowd pleaser most places it goes and has proven itself over and over again.  In March of 2006 I was contacted by Ford Motor Company asking to use the car for promotional photos for the yet unannounced introduction of the 40th anniversary Shelby Hertz Mustang in about another 3 weeks. [The picture shown below - ed.]  I said yes, of course and we did the photo and video takes in various places in the Valley.  Most stills were taken on the north apron at Deer Valley airport, the most familiar one of both my car and the new Hertz were taken there.  Other photos and video were taken at South Mountain Park and a Hertz rental location in Mesa.

The car has been in too many magazines and books to mention and it still pops up from time to time in a book or on TV.  I'm truly proud of my Shelby because of what it is and how much it seems to please people who know what they are looking at.  The real value of the car to me is in the places it has taken me and the people I have gotten to meet and friends I have made.  These are people and places that would have been lost to me without it.  I've been truly blessed with this and I try to share that blessing with others........... to a certain extent you understand.  

I had chased a Shelby for a number of years before buying mine.  I had gotten to the point I would have bought just about any Shelby within reason, but I really wanted a Hertz because of the paint scheme.  I really like that black and gold!  I missed on one really good deal and passed on others then providence stepped in and I was presented with this car.  

My wife at the time supported me to the fullest and with that and a friendly lender I bought the car and the rest as it is said is history.  Thanks again, Jim and thanks for listening to me go on.  Ric


Ric's Shelby is on the right side of this picture.

Ric's 1966 Shelby GT350H - "HERTZ" Model !
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