AZMCC Founder, Director and Webmaster 
"Uncle" Jim Petersen & His 2012 3.7 L V6 Coupe


Originally from what Hometown & State Loveland, Colorado via Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
Current Hometown Location Scottsdale, Arizona  USA
Current Mustang Information 2012 Mustang V6 Coupe with a 3.7L Cyclone Engine
Other Mustangs you owned I have owned nine [9] different Mustangs since my first Mustang, a 1994 Mustang Cobra Coupe
Favorite Mustang's you ever owned 2002 Mineral Gray GT Steeda "Show Car"
1998 Blue GT Coupe
2004 Mustang V6 Coupe dedicated to Steve McQueen
2012 Silver Mustang 3.7L V6 Coupe
How you heard about the AZMCC

I Formed the "Arizona Mustang Car Club" and became the first Director when the AZMCC website was created on March 31, 2007 via GoDaddy.  I Also designed the AZMCC logo and all the documentation required to get the AZMCC going and functioning as as Club for it's Members who have a desire for a Family orientated Mustang Club in Arizona.

What influenced you towards Mustangs

My car drawings back in 1965-66.  My car designs were named the "Maverick" and the "Coyote".  What a coincidence!  I was just getting started too!

Favorite place you drove your Mustang

Autocross @ Steamboat Springs twice during  the  National Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-Up [RMMR], and up Highway 1 on the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco.  And over several Rocky Mountain roads near my homes in Loveland and Berthoud, both of which are just North of Boulder, CO.

Most memorable Mustang adventures

Organized a "Mustang Run" in Colorado with 28 other Mustangs thru the Rocky Mountains, and two RMMR Week-End Adventures with 25 Mustangs.

Best Mustang advice 

Get one, do your personal customizing from top to bottom, and never let it go!  When it is time, move on to another newer Mustang!

What turns you on about Mustangs in general

Style, performance, sound and other peoples stares and complimentary remarks and questions.

What do you get the most from your  Membership in the AZMCC?

Mental Therapy and an association with other Mustang enthusiasts here in Arizona.  Some people driving Mustangs can be your best friends and companions when it comes to Mustang activities.

What are some other vehicles you have enjoyed over the years?

Click on the Button for my "Others" Page

Hobbies & outside interests of yours

Baseball, computers and my '04 V6 Mustang

Something special about you you'd like to share with our AZMCC Membership?
This does not have to be Mustang related, just something of interest you feel comfortable including on your Profile Page.

1.  How did I become known as "Uncle" Jim   [Please click here for the story]

2.  My motorcycle building and painting history that got many of my creations on the cover of, and articles in, many magazines.
[Please click here for the M/C story]


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