What you should know about your AZMCC Membership:

Attendance at Club activities is expected some of the time, but is not a mandatory requirement of membership in the AZMCCThose seeking just technical information, Club discounts, or just cosmetic advice on their Mustang without continuous involvement are as welcome as all other members choosing to participate in scheduled activities and events.  There are NO mandatory requirements to be a "hands-on"  active member!

Additionally, you and your Mustang Family should know:

The model or year of your Mustang does not place or "isolate" you into a particular part of this Club.  All Mustangs are just that... they are our Mustangs and all AZMCC Members and their particular rides will be treated with respect.  Politics' will not be part of this Club either, and anyone disrespecting another Member or their Mustang will have their membership terminated.  In reality, your Mustang is really who's joining the AZMCC, you are "just along for the ride"Please click on the "CLUB INFO" button above for additional AZMCC information.  Family Member participation is encouraged.  There is even a Membership Level for them [Member of Household-MOH] so they feel they are a part of the AZMCC with you and your Mustang!  See MOH Membership Level definition below.

Current Membership Levels of the AZMCC are:

The Membership Level donation you choose will be renewable on your annual anniversary date.   Every Member will maintain his or her original membership date as their annual renewal date.  A Roster of all Members will be maintained by the Membership Director and be available for review by the Membership at any time.  The roster and all information will not be used for any purpose other than to keep track of AZMCC business.  The roster will not be copied or made available to anyone other than the Executive Committee [EC].  This is in accordance with the AZMCC "Guidelines Manual", Section 13.

AZMCC Membership Dues Levels and Contributions:

R Regular Membership @ $20.00 - normally a person who owns one or more Mustangs
H Household Member Membership @ $10.00 - normally spouse or child living at Member's home
S Sustaining Membership @ $50.00 - a person who wants to help defray AZMCC expenses
L "Life" Membership @ $250.00 - this is a one [1] time contribution from any individual or Sponsor
M Merchant Membership @ $200.00 - normally a company, shop or person offering special prices
D Dealer Membership @ $200.00 - Ford Dealership sponsoring the AZMCC with various discounts
AZMCC Membership Form and Instructions :

Each Member gets TWO [2] FREE PAGES on our AZMCC Website:

1.  You get a Special Page to show off your Mustang.  This can be pictures of your Mustang and any other person who shares your enthusiasm for the Sport of Driving that Mustang.

2.  You also have a Special Member Profile Page where you get the opportunity to tell everybody about yourself and other things you like to do as well as how you feel about your favorite pastime... Your Mustang!

3.  DON'T DELAY... Get your information update right away.  Contact our Webmaster with your pictures and any other Special information you are willing to share with your fellow AZMCC Members.  Click on the Profile Sign BELOW to see our Members Profile Pages.


4.  ADDITIONALLY:  You will be issued an AZMCC Membership Card.  If you request it, a Membership Certificate will be issued to you.

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