The NEW REQUIREMENT for use of the "Parking Permit" below will effective on March 10, 2012

A "Pavilions Parking Permit" card will be used by all Mustangs parking along the North/South "Fire Lane" in any row used for Mustang Night at the Pavilions.  This permit must be placed under the windshield wiper to identify the owner/driver of the Mustang.  Additionally the contact phone number MUST be written on the Permit so they can be found when another Mustang owner wants to depart the Mustang Parking Area.


McDonalds Security agreed that The AZMCC is now the Mustang Club of Choice for the Pavilions Saturday Night Car Show.  What this means is that the AZMCC is approved to control parking of Aisles 6 or 7 on the 4th Saturday of the EVERY Month as a courtesy to all arriving Mustangs.

The AZMCC is authorized by McDonald's Security to put up yellow caution tape to identify Mustang Only Parking at the Pavilions every 4th Saturday for Mustang Night at the Pavilions In addition, two [2] large upright "Mustang Parking Only" signs will be stationed at both ends of Aisle 6 or 7 to help identify parking rules identified by McDonald's Security Personnel.  All AZMCC Members may participate in the controlling of aisle 6-7, Rows 11-12-13&14.

A sample of the Mustang Only Parking sign is shown below these Security Rules.

Parking will be reserved for Mustangs ONLY and saving parking spaces up to 4:00 P.M. is waived.  The parking time table from beginning to the end of the night's activities will be controlled by Members of the AZMCC for all Mustangs arriving at the Pavilions Car Show without regard to Club affiliation, model, year or condition of owner's Mustang.  

Non Mustangs arriving with friends of Members of any Mustang Club WILL NOT be allowed to park in the Mustang Only aisle 6 designated parking area.  They will not be permitted to park within the Mustang Only parking area with other Mustangs on this 4th Week-End of the Month Mustang Event.
There are no parking restrictions on any other Saturday of any Month at the Pavilions Car Show EXCEPT for not being able to save parking spaces after 4:00 P.M.

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