Pavilion's Rock & Roll
"Weekly Classic Car Show" Rules

Rules Provided by the McDonald's Restaurant @ the Pavilion's Shopping Center

The following information is being made available on our AZMCC website as a courtesy to McDonald's Owner Mark Kramer, viewers of our website and to comply with the local Tribal Police & Fire Departments, as well as the requests made by the owners of vehicles on display.

However, McDonald's Security personnel indicated they have the right to interpret the following rules listed below as they see fit.  They will not allow anyone attending the Event to question any rule or ask for a written explanation of any of the rules listed below.  Also, if a rule is not listed below, McDonald's personnel indicated they will make a rule, once again as they see fit, without any input from those attending the Event.

With this in mind, we should always follow the rules as posted or verbally interpreted by McDonald's to avoid conflict in any way
, shape or form.  The main reason for attending this function is the camaraderie of the attendee's and the ability to show off their vehicle to the public.  All of us should be thankful to Mark Kramer for his continual support of the Arizona car fanatics who attend this great Saturday event.

The following are the Rules as distributed on paper flyer by McDonald's Security Personnel:

  1. No "For Sale" signs in vehicle windows. or on hoods or trunks.  They must be placed on the seats of the vehicles.

  2. No alcohol.  Remember... you are on Tribal land.

  3. No firearms.

  4. No foul, abusive or disruptive language and/or behavior.

  5. No Retailing or Wholesaling of any items without written permission of McDonald's - nor without a sales tax license from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Tax Licensing Department.

  6. Distribution of flyers or other materials is prohibited in the parking lot.  Flyers may be displayed at the DJ Booth after approval by McDonald's Management.

  7. Vehicles must be parked in the appropriate designated areas.  All vehicles must be backed into the parking space.

  8. Since parking is on a first-come basis, and as a courtesy to others, spaces may only be saved until 4:00 P.M.  Only one space per car can be saved.

  9. McDonald's has arranged to provide music at the show.  Because of this request no other "Boom-Boxes" or Stereo's may be played.

  10. Business cards for services or auto-related businesses are not permitted.

  11. Flyers and brochures are not permitted on hoods, trunks, roofs or windows.  They may be placed on the seat of the vehicle.

  12. No new or used car dealer's displays without the Arizona DMV Exhibit Permit.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS:   Please contact McDonalds Security at 480-443-0080 or and thank them for their continued support of this Special Arizona Saturday night car show.


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