Please   remember...

Every 4th Saturday is
Mustang Night !

The Parking Area to the North of the McDonald's Drive Thru is Reserved for MUSTANGS ONLY !


Located At "Mark E. Kramer's" Famous McDonalds Drive-In
East-Side 101 & East Indian Bend Road
From 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM or Later
This Car Show is the Longest Running Car Show in the United States

The AZMCC has been approved by McDonalds Security Management to be the Official Mustang Club for the 4th Saturday of every Month's "Mustang Night at the Pavilions Car Show".  This means that the AZMCC will help all incoming Mustang Enthusiasts with parking in Aisle 7, Rows 13 & 14.

The AZMCC will put up yellow parking "caution tape" on both Rows 13 and 14 to keep other brands of cars from parking in the two "Mustang Only" areas.  The normal 4:00 PM cut-off for saving spaces is waived and the Mustangs Only Rule will be enforced until the tape is taken down by the AZMCC.

Click On The Button on the Right To See The Parking Sign...
Click On The Button on the Right To See The Parking Rules...
Click On The Button on the Right To See The Parking Permit...
Check Out The Parking Map at Both the Mustang Night Event
[AISLE 7]...
& the Annual Jim Griffin Thanksgiving Charity Car Show [AISLES 3 & 4]...


In the SUMMER it is recommended you should arrive around 4 - 7:00 PM when the temperature is high!
Read and follow rule #8 stating you can only save one spot next to you until 4:00 PM !

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