FLAGSTAFF Sunday Lunch Run
Date: TBD

This Event is South of Flagstaff off Highway 89.  The total round trip from "central" Phoenix is approximately 250 miles.  We will then proceed and stop at the Visitors Center.  We can then gather together and eat a local Eatery for lunch.  Then we will visit...  Please check out the small map for directions.  The State Park Fee is ONLY $5.00 per person and you can call 928.679.2365 for additional information or go on line at www.nps.gov/wupa.

Be prepared to depart the Phoenix Metro area at 8:00 A.M. SHARP Sunday morning.  The take-off location will be announced and depends on the number of AZMCC Members and where they reside.  Contact "Uncle Jim" For Details via our AZMCC E-Mail address above and SIGN-UP ASAP


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