Apply "Clear Style" Decal to the lower left interior on the driver's side
of the windshield.  Apply the larger white
"Horse-Head Style" Decal
to the exterior Quarter side windows or lower rear of the back window.

The top "Clear Style" Decal seen below was voted as "Best or Favorite" Design by the AZMCC Membership and is now the official windshield decal design of the AZMCC.  The Horse-Head design decal will not be re-ordered, but there are several available to members at $3.00 each.


Both these two decals are currently available to our membership.  Each new Member as well as each re-newing Member receives one decal of their choice at no charge.  At this time additional decals of either style may be purchased from our Merchandise Coordinator for only $2.50USD each.  Please contact us at azmcc-info@cox.net if you have any questions.

Application of the "Clear Style" Decal

Carefully wet the side, as you see it above, that will be applied to the interior of the windshield.  Your tongue works as well as any type of application of moisture.  Place the "Clear Style" Decal onto the lower left interior on the driver's side of the windshield.  Keep it moisturized so you can move it into a better position if needed.  Carefully use a "squeegee" to remove moisture and any air bubbles.  Do not press too hard when applying this decal.


Application of the "Horse-Head Style"  Decal

Do not use moisture when applying this decal.  These instructions are for proper adhesion to any of the three [3] windows you chose to apply your decal.  You may also apply the decal to any painted surface such as the rear of the trunk on either side of the license plate, but it is not recommended due to "sun fade" of the paint over time. 
To apply the larger white
"Horse-Head Style" Decal to any window surface you will need to use a "squeegee" to ensure a proper adhesive application.    Carefully remove the slick paper backing from the front of the horses nose.  Note where the center of the decal is in relation to where you are applying it.  When you have the decal applied by rubbing softly with your fingers as you removed the softer white paper covering the Horse-Head, take the squeegee and carefully press it on the paper forcing any bubbles out to ensure proper fit.  Being careful and moving slowly usually helps get the decal applied without bending any of the Horse-Head lines or lettering


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