AZMCC Member Number 130

The AZMCC Members "Car of the Month" selected for the month of May 2012 belongs to AZMCC Member Savannah Taylor.  Her TOTALLY BLACK 2006 4.0L V6  coupe was selected.   More information and pictures about Savannah's Mustang can be found on her Members Ride Page.  Please click on the picture of Uncle Jim and Roger with Savannah at her Certificate's Presentation on the right to see her "Black Beauty".

Our AZMCC Ford Sponsor, Power Ford donated a gift certificate to Savannah for her winning the May 2012 Car of the Month honor.  The gift certificate is for a free VIP oil change and tire rotation at Savannah's convenience.  Congratulations Savannah, your Mustang does justice to all Mustang enthusiast everywhere!  And having done all that work yourself [for the most part] is GREAT!

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